Regular massage helps improve your ability to respond appropriately, enhancing capacity for calm thinking

Treatment for survivors of abuse is highly specialized because of the complexity of issues involved in both the original trauma and in the psychological and physical symptoms that can emerge in the aftermath. Gary works with your primary medical practicioners to maximize your results.

Trauma Recovery Massage

Massage therapy is often prescribed by mental health counselors and primary care physicians as part of the wellness plan of those recovering from trauma, sexual abuse, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Gary provides his clients with a safe and nurturing environment, and his solid and reassuring personality inspires trust. He has successfully worked with both male and female abuse survivors. The techniques and care Gary provides to abuse survivors have been equally effective in the treatment of individuals working through PTSD. As with his chronic pain patients, Gary works closely with the referring provider on the holistic treatment plan.

It has only been within the past few decades that victims abuse have gained recognition, validation, and appropriate treatment.The body memories persist long after abuse occurs and continue to be held even when survivors have made significant strides in cognitive retrieval and resolution of their trauma issues.

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