Chronic Pain Therapy

Fortunately, Gary has many tools in his therapeutic tool box to help provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain. First and foremost is his intuitive nature: Gary knows instinctively which therapeutic technique will provide the greatest amount of relief.

Some of the therapeutic techniques that Gary finds helpful when treating clients with chronic pain include Bowen, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, Tui Na and somato-emotional release. Living with chronic pain can be very challenging and requires a multidisciplinary approach to allow the individual to live as full and vibrant a life as possible. Gary works closely with the client's other health and wellness practitioners to ensure that the client's wellness plan is cohesive.

Myofascial Release



Chronic Pain Releif

Gary has worked with many individuals who suffer from chronic pain or activity-minimizing syndromes, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Lou Gerigs Disease, MS, cancer, and HIV/Aids.