Upon returning to the United States in 2001, Gary joined Health Quest Therapeutic Massage, a medical massage clinic. Over the next ten years, Gary provided quality medical massage to thousands of individuals from all walks of life and suffering from a wide range of conditions. Gary was Health Quest's "go to guy" whatever the circumstances, the clinic was confident that Gary could handle the nuances of the case.

While at Health Quest, Gary also held the positions of Continuing Education Mentor and Program Coordinator and Case Management Coordinator. It was his job to mentor and guide the less experienced therapists and to be a resource for all of the clinic's therapists as they developed and implemented treatment plans.

In 2011, Gary started the process of transitioning his massage practice to Portland, Oregon . Gary's current office is conveniently located in Multnomah Village. Gary thrives on a challenge and really enjoys helping individuals who have been unable to find relief with other practitioners. He has succeeded in blending his extensive massage training and Tai Chi background to produce a truly unique "manual therapy" massage style that enables him to provide clients with a deep, healing therapy experience.


Gary Wass began studying massage and Tai Chi over 23 years ago at Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego California. After moving to Portland, Oregon Gary began martial arts training with Sifu Gregory Fong. Gary then went on to formalize his massage training at the East-West College of Massage graduating in 1995.
aboutgaryFrom 1995 to 2000, Gary grew a private practice in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his private practice he worked at Portland Acupuncture Additions Clinic (PAAC), now known as Portland Alternative Health Clinic(PAHC). Working at PAAC taught Gary the benefits of collaborating with others in multi-disciplinary approach to care. At PAAC, counselors, acupuncturists, naturopaths and massage therapists worked together to provide medical rehabilitative care for each client. Working at PAAC also provided Gary with the skills to work with a diverse client population and to work with medically fragile individuals.

In 2000, Gary spent a year traveling and studying massage therapy in Southeast Asia. In particular, Gary studied the massage techniques of southern and northern Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. This in-depth period of study gave Gary a deep appreciation and considerable knowledge and expertise in the arena of Asian massage. Gary's unique treatment style is strongly influenced by the teachers and masters he trained with during this period.

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